Monday, June 1, 2009

Sunday Baseball

We watched a lot of baseball this weekend. These boys played a lot of baseball this weekend. I don't think that anyone is complaining though. Any time you are in a tournament and make into the Sunday bracket it's a good thing!

I take hundreds of pictures at baseball games. Don't worry, I'll spare you from most of them....I did say most. Here is Billy getting ready to bat in the first game of the day. Love the morning light.

I didn't really love getting up early in the morning to get there though. But it was worth it.

The boys end up spending a lot of time together during the summer. It's fun to see them come together as a team. Look at how clean and white their uniforms are...this must have been early in the game!

Billy plays a few different positions...but I always like to see him playing first base because that's where I play. :-) This was a close one....he's out!

Brian and Bob came down for the 2nd and 3rd games of the day. It was good to see them there. Brian's not into baseball so much, but he is good about supporting his brother. Unfortunately we were bad parents and with the busy-ness of the baseball tournament we forgot that Brian had a soccer game on Sunday....and we missed it. On the other hand, Brian also forgot that he had a soccer game....he missed it too.

One of the plays that Billy's team tries every now and again is the suicide squeeze. Here's how it works....

The runner on third takes off before the pitch....go Billy!

The batter lays down a sweet bunt and the runner scores. But wait, oh no, the batter missed the bunt. Stop Billy, go back! But he can't, the catcher has the ball and is throwing it to third.

So Billy heads for home....but the third baseman threw the ball back to the Billy has to slide....

...but the catcher is blocking the plate so Billy has to dive....oh dear.

....and he's out! And that my friends is how not to run the suicide squeeze. When the batter misses the bunt it's almost always bye bye to the base runner.

....and more laundry for the base runners mom. Bummer. Oh my.

So how do you mark all that down Mr. Scorekeeper?? I don't think that writing down "bummer" in the book counts as an official stat.

The boys won their first game in extra innings. Many of the parents gained a few new gray hairs. After the game the coaches do a great job of encouraging the troupes.

They lost their next game....a heart breaker that was lost in the bottom of the 7th (last) inning....missing out on the championship game. They played for third place. It was tough to come back and play after their loss....they got down by 6 runs in the 1st inning....but slowly battled back giving them a chance to win....but couldn't quite do it....losing 7-6. Coming in 4th in their first tournament of the season isn't anything to feel bad about....especially in games that were so close.

Good job boys! You did all right for being a bunch of punks. Their next tournament is this coming weekend. I'm looking forward to it's a fun way to spend a weekend.

But this time I'm wearing sunscreen. Being covered in dust from the infield just didn't block the sun as well as I hoped. I are a sloooowwwww lerner.
Gotta' get back to the laundry....enjoy your day!


Covenant Lights by Dorothy said...

Like spending a weekend with your family ... how fun. Reminds me of our weekend horse show days. Ah, yes, fond memories of dust and sunburn. Love U all, Aunt Dorothy

Pat said...

Weekend horse shows sound like lots of fun too! Thanks for your comments!