Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Camera Saga

About a year ago we were getting ready to go on a once in a life time family trip when my camera broke. I was at a baseball game and I tried to insert a new CompactFlash card and it jammed. I couldn't get the card to seat in it's slot. I tried the other card, same thing. ACK! We were leaving the following day! So we went out in a rush and bought a new camera. A newer better version of the one we had. We intended to send the broken one in to have it fixed so we could sell it, or have a spare, or whatever. Well, somehow a year went past and we hadn't sent it in.
As I have been taking baseball and soccer pictures this spring and early summer I've been noticing more and more problems with the focus on the camera. The exposure has been off too. Little things that just kept getting worse. So, we finally decided it was time to do something. The one year warranty is up in two days...yep...two we sent the camera back to Canon to have it checked out. Hopefully they will send it back as good as new. I think that the sensors are dirty or messed up or something. I took this picture the other day of a daisy that was almost opened. If you look closely it's out of focus, not very crisp.

Well, I was pretty bummed about not having a camera while mine is getting I dug out the old one. I decided to try seating the flash card one last desperate time...and you know slid into place! Weird. So I tried my other flash cards, those won't slide in far enough to be recognized. Double weird. So, it only works with my smallest flash card....but, the good news is that my old camera is working good enough to get me through the next few weeks until my other camera comes back. I took this picture of the same daisy today...with the same lens on the old camera. Both shots are straight out of the camera, no photoshopping. See how nice and crisp this one is. Hurray!

And you know what I am going to do the day my new camera gets back...I am going to send in the old one and have that one fixed....because you just never know when you're going to need a 2nd camera! :-)

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