Monday, June 30, 2014

Lots of Baseball

June has been a month of rain and baseball for us.  Billy was scheduled to play 10 games in 10 days.  There was only one rain out, so that wasn't so bad!  A lot of flowers have been blooming since my last post.  This rose was blooming in my front yard.  The photo is dark because the sun didn't come out that day!

The delphiniums in the back yard have been doing well.  This picture was taken on the first of the 10 day baseball run.  And I can't find my baseball photos from that day.  They are either on a missing memory card somewhere or I deleted them.  Photography and forgetfulness don't go well together.

The 2nd game of the 10 was a late game, starting at 8:00 pm.  It's a good challenge for me to take night photos in between the chain links in the fence.  I like the colors though.

The only rain out of the 10 day schedule happened to be on our anniversary.  It rained and rained and rained some more.  Eric bought me pretty!  And we went out for dinner, just the two of us.  So a rain out was kind of nice!

Friday afternoon game to start out the weekend tournament.  Billy got moved to catcher to fill in for some injuries.  He did alright!  A few bumps and bruises, but that's a part of playing there I guess.

After the baseball game Eric and I went to the rodeo in Buffalo.  This is a picture of the pick up man.  He's as fun to watch as the rodeo.  They work hard!  And all of his horses are beautiful....that doesn't hurt. :-)

At the tournament on Saturday.  Catching again.  I oiled his glove...and then he goes and gets it dirty again.  Boys.

On Sunday my mom and Eric's folks came down to watch the game.  My mom was excited to get a few pictures of Billy catching.

He played well, hit well, and they won the third place game in the tournament.

And his girlfriend came to watch part of the game.  He had a lot of fans!  I'd say his smile says that he appreciated it.

Monday, delphiniums and baseball.  The light blue ones bloom a little later than the deep blue.  Still standing after the rain.

Another late game, but the sun stays up for a long time in the middle of June!  Catching again.

Hot muggy days for baseball, means more laundry.  Rain between games means more laundry.

Playing catcher means A LOT more laundry.  I think you can imagine what those 9 games in 10 days meant for me...lots of laundry!

They haven't been winning a lot of games, but Billy has been hitting well.  Some are well hit, some are lucky, some are simply because he doesn't give up and runs everything out.

It's fun to watch him playing the game he loves for one last season.

This was taken at the last of the 10 scheduled games.  We had Friday and the rest of the weekend off from baseball.  My wash machine was thankful.

Eric had put in a full week by Friday at noon, so we skipped out and played a fun 18 holes of golf.  I tied with him on one half of the course...first time ever.  Yeah!

On Saturday morning it rained again.  We are just shy of the all time record for June rain in Minnesota.

But clouds make for some pretty sunsets.

It's been a tough spring and early summer on the farmers around here.  Hopefully things will turn around for them soon.

After a day and a half at the farm, it's time to get back to work.  And back to baseball.  3 games this week and then 8 games in 7 days to wind up the regular season.

Time is speeding right along.  Hope you have some fun things to fill your days this summer!  Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, June 16, 2014

A Few Weeks of Photos

I got behind with my blogging again.  Life gets busy sometimes.  Here's a little glimpse of what we've been up to!  Flowers were purchased and plants were planted.  My little wheel barrow boy is happier with flowers.

A friend took me to the Twins game as payment for some graphic design work.  The seats were awesome, the Twins lost, and I got a really nasty sunburn on my shins.  Dang it!  I guess when it's too cold to expose any skin for many many months it isn't a very good idea to sit in the direct sun for an afternoon.  I rarely get sun burned...should have known better. Peel and learn.

I planted a lot of petunias.  I had to!  They are doing well.

We went to the farm to drop off our dog prior to going on vacation.  It's finally looking like late Spring / early Summer there.  At the first of June.  Long winter.  The greens were especially green.

 There is a pair of bluebirds with babies in a bird house on the back of the garage at my mom's place.  What a fun surprise!

It's always good to see my handsome boy!

My mom and I walked through the woods to see if the wild geranium were blooming.  They were!  So many pretty wildflowers this year.

The columbine are blooming beautifully in my backyard garden.  Now that our cat Greta is outside at times, the rabbits have been staying away.  Yay!

The forget-me-nots are blooming too.

Greta sleeps in a clay bowl on my dining room table.  Curls right up in it, it's the cutest thing!

We took a quick trip to Oregon to go to Eric's niece's graduation.  Flew into Portland, spent a day traveling down the coast from Cannon Beach to Florence.  So many beautiful stopping points!

Then we drove from Florence through Eugene on to Klamath Falls.  We stopped at Sweet Water Creek for a little while on the way.  Pretty cascades.

We met up with Eric's family in Klamath Falls.  His brother and sister both live there.  His mom and dad had just arrived for a ten day visit.  Saturday morning we drove to Crater Lake.  So beautiful!  My memory card in my camera failed that day, I lost around 60 photos taken on the way there, and while we were there, including one of our family in front of the lake.  It's frustrating, but there isn't much that can be done at this point.  I guess we'll have to go back!

Sunday was graduation and party day.  Eric's brother Chris, Eric, and Amy along with a niece at Hannah's graduation.

Monday morning after a family breakfast we headed back to Portland.  We stopped at Salt Creek falls to see an amazing waterfall.  Then got to the airport in time to wait for our delayed flight.  Flew from Portland to Las Vegas, had a layover there and then on to Minneapolis.  Arriving at 5:30 a.m. after traveling all day and then night makes for a long day.  I think I'm finally recovered!

We came home to find some pretty flowers blooming in the garden.  Queen Anne's lace was just opening up.

The daisies are starting to bloom!

Daisies always say summer to me.  Love them!

Baseball says summer too!  Billy's playing in his final season of youth baseball.  We're happy that he has the chance to play again.  And he's hitting really well after his first double header too!

My photo of the day is a columbine again.  Oops.  A little time goes by and I forget what I'd chosen a few weeks before.

Grocery store bouquet.  It's the one thing that gets me through my grocery shopping.  Not one of my favorite things to do.

Wild flowers at the farm.  We finally went there and picked up our old dog.  She kept me up most of the night with her nervous panting last night.  I think that it's an old dog thing.  I'm glad that she's home, but I sure didn't miss the interrupted sleep that she regularly causes.  I'm going to think about the pretty flowers instead of that.

We've been in a rainy spell.  It's getting darker by the minute outside.  Hopefully the rain will hold off until after the baseball game!  Daisies, rain and baseball.  Yep, it's summer.  I hope that things aren't rain delayed in your neck of the woods!  Unless you need the rain of course...then I hope it's headed your way!  Thanks for stopping by.