Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Busy Spring

It's been a busy spring, full of family time, baseball, rain and flowers!  Since I've been so remiss in blogging and there are almost a months work of photos in this one, I'll keep the captions short.

Grocery store bouquet on my kitchen table.  Fresh flowers make everything so much better!

Billy at bat for the Eden Prairie JV baseball team.

I spent a few hours at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.  The tulips were especially beautiful.  My favorites were the double tulips that look like peonies.

Billy about to bat...looks like something serious was going down.

Tulips in the rain.  We've had the 2nd rainiest May on record in Minnesota.  Some records aren't very exciting to break.

A few flowers in an antique ball jar.

Billy rounding third and heading for home.

Storm clouds at the golf course....taken from my cell phone.  The rain missed us and it was a beautiful evening.

This is the same hole looking towards the green.  430 yard hole, 290 yard drive on this day!  One of those sweet shots that keeps me coming back.  It's all those other ones in between that make me wonder why I try.  I hate this game, I hate this game, I hate this game..."nice shot!"...I love this game!

Brian is home from college...it's so nice to have him home...and it's wonderful to have live music in the house again!

Back to baseball.  So many games, so little time.

Billy taking one for the team...right in the rump. Ouch.

Brian and I went to the farm for the day to help my mom with a few things.  The airsoft rifle went to the farm too.  Brian has really gotten into airsoft...he named this gun Loretta.

The sunset was beautiful on our way home.  We stopped along the side of the rode to take a few pictures over this little lake. Amazing.

One of the reasons I haven't been blogging is that I've been putting together a memory book for the baseball team.  Two pages for each of the boys, pages for the coaches, manager, announcer, roster, team record.  50 pages.  It took some time!  I took a few pictures to use as backgrounds for pages...I ended up not using this one, but it was the one that I picked for my photo of the day.

We've been trying to get to the farm when we can to help my mom with some spring chores.  We always bring bones for the dogs there.  The first thing Murphy does is checks the back of our van for bones.  Happy dog.

Baseball...post game workout.

Another pretty night on the golf course.  Seems like I've been too busy on Tuesdays to remember to take a photo...so golf course cell phone photos it is.  Tuesday night women's league.

A little blossom in my back yard.

Billy at bat.  I seem to have picked a lot of this view for my photos of the day...it just happens that way sometimes.

I went out and bought my annuals.  I do 4 window boxes, two hanging baskets in the front, 7 hanging baskets in the back and a bunch of various pots around the house.  Some go in the ground.  It was a challenge to get them planted with our crazy schedule and the rainy days....but I'm done for now!  Until I buy some more to fill in the garden in the back yard.  Are we ever really done with any project?

Another trip to the farm...this one for Mother's Day.  This is a hanging plant that my niece gave to my mom.  So pretty...and I liked the light coming through.

Back home and thinking about how many plants that I need to get in the dirt.

Billy's last at bat at his last JV baseball game...and his first strike out of the season.  It's ok...summer baseball  starts this week!  Sigh.

Cell phone photo on the golf course.  We were the last group out, it was getting sort of dark but we finished in time without losing a ball! Whew.

The roses in my back yard are blooming like crazy this year...I think that they liked our mild winter and early spring...and maybe they like the rain.

Penny on the other hand hasn't been crazy about the rain.  She didn't like the idea of going out to "do her business" in the rain.  Sorry dog, I'm not going to hold an umbrella for you for that!  My hanging baskets were sitting on the patio behind her waiting to be hung.

Here's one of my few delphiniums that the darned rabbits haven't mowed down.  Why don't rabbits eat my weeds instead?  Errr.

My first daisy has finally opened...in the rain.

My mom and I stopped at a beautiful Iris garden this weekend.  I took a lot of pictures of Irises....but am posting one of the two that I took of the poppies there.  I never claimed that my blog would make sense.

My buddy Skylar.  I think he was actually happy to see me come along with the bottle of fly spray...lots of rain has meant lots of nasty biting flies....and wood ticks.  I guess we have to take the bad along with the good...and the good is so beautiful right now!

 I hope that everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tis the Season...

...for baseball!  And for the hope of warmer days.  Having a record breaking warm March has made our average temperatures in April seem darned cold.  Thank goodness for May and summer being on it's way.  But let's finish up April and the daily photos.

The end of April was pretty much the same as the middle of April...baseball, flowers, baseball, flowers, baseball, something else, baseball...you get the idea.  Here's Billy getting on base on a sunny day...it's all about the fist bump from the coach.

The cool weather has not been very encouraging for my tulips...but they are trying.

Baseball on the home field.  Run Billy!

Look what a couple of sunny days did for my tulips!  Hello sunshine.

 I stopped by the Minnesota Horse Expo for a few hours last weekend.  I could have and probably should have spent the whole day.  It was crowded and I needed to head to the farm to spend some time with my mom...so it was mostly the parade of breeds, a corn dog and then out the gate to sit in traffic.  In a dream world I would have a couple of these in my back yard...the beautiful Friesian, take my breath away.

Saturday morning was spent at the car dealer...fun and stressful all in one.  With 4 drivers here this coming summer we needed to add a vehicle.  A zeal red Mazda CX-5.  Fun to drive and good mileage to boot.

Sunday had us back up to the farm to help with a few things....and to check on this guy.  Skylar isn't too sure about the camera...or maybe it's me.  I'm not quite sure.

Monday meant another baseball game.  At least the sun came out.  After a sort of shaky start the team has had 4 wins in a row.  Their record is now 6 wins, 4 losses....and the season is just about at the half-way point.  Go Eagles!

It's looking like May is going to be a lot like April.  Let's hope that the warm weather of March returns.  We're also looking forward to Brian returning home after his first year of college.  Where does the time go?  Sigh.  Thanks for stopping by!

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