Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I used up all my creativity working today...which got me to thinking about working....which got me to thinking about some of the fun jobs I've done.....which got me to thinking about this job that I did a couple of months ago.....which got me to thinking I should share it with you. Probably too much information about how my mind works. :-)

I play softball with a gal that was a Hopkins Raspberry festival Queen a few years ago. She and her husband are both a big part of the festival planning. Last year they asked me to do a small job for them, they liked what I had done enough to ask me to design the festival button this year. I was honored to do it. Here's the final design. What do you think?

I have a cute little story about this job...when I told the boys about what I was working on, Billy had a question for me. He wondered if I could get paid in Raspberries. My raspberry loving boy thought that would be the best payment ever. He was a little disappointed that I was paid with a check and will be getting a few sample buttons for my portfolio....but no fruit. I think I had better spend some of that check on raspberries. It's only fittin'.


Covenant Lights by Dorothy said...

"A Tradition Preserved" I love that! Great design. BTW, I have a raspberry patch if you're looking for some. :-)

Pat said...

I used to pick raspberries with my Grandma Dibble...the biggest and best ones were down underneath in the cool dog paths! I better not mention to Billy about your raspberry patch, he might show up on your doorstep. :-)