Monday, September 30, 2013

September Miles and a New Kid in Town

We've put on a few miles this month.  A trip to Branson with stops in Ames on the way there and back, and then another trip to Ames last weekend.  Between the baseball tournament in Oskaloosa, moving Billy into college, and these two trips I've been to Iowa more in the few months than I have in my lifetime.  Crazy, but I love it. 
Before we left for Branson, Eric and I got in a quick round of golf at a small course in town.  One of those days where I didn't really have time to golf, but did it anyway.  It was fun.  My only photo was of this little pond and waterfall at the golf course, taken with my cell phone.  Pretty little course.

And then we were off to Branson.  Eric's folks and my mom joined us for the long weekend get away.  We left in the afternoon on a Thursday and arrived in Ames in time to take Billy out for supper.  I love the windmills that are on the way to Ames.  They are huge!  This photo was taken from the back seat of the van going 70 mph on Highway 35.  Not too bad!

On Friday we had breakfast with Billy and he showed his grandparents around the campus.  It was so nice that they could see it and that we got to spend more time with him.  But he had class and we had to hit the we did.  There were some beautiful pink old fashioned roses at a rest stop along the way.

We arrived at Branson safe and sound after what felt like many hours in the van.  We were too tired to do much else than crash for the evening.  The next morning we went out for breakfast and I caught sight of this crazy Godzilla on a small building next to the wax museum.  The boys call Branson "Los Vegas for Old People".  The are pretty much right.

Saturday late afternoon we went to the "Dixie Stampede" where they put on a fantastic show with wonderful horses and a fun "no silverware" meal.  It was by far the highlight of the trip for me, even though I couldn't bring my camera in.  Sunday for lunch we took a dinner boat cruise and saw a show on the boat.  Good food, good show, not quite enough time to spend outside the boat to enjoy the views, but it was still fun.
That night we saw the Shoji Tabuchi Show...he's quite a show man!  He changed coats more often in one show than most people do in a lifetime.  Crazy.

On Monday it was raining, so we decided to head back to Ames to see Billy and take him out for supper.  The trip from Branson to Ames didn't seem nearly as far as the trip down felt.  Funny how that is.

We stayed over night in Ames and took Billy and his room mate out to Breakfast on Tuesday morning.  So good to see him!  Hugs for the grandmas and then we were on the road back home.

Wednesday was a day spent trying to catch up with things around home.  I have a few petunias left in the garden.  The white ones seems so clean and white right now.  We had some rain, maybe that was why.

On Thursday Brian and I went to the Humane Society and adopted a sweet little kitten!  Her name is Greta and it's really hard to get photos of her since she is so black!

The moon was full on Friday, it seemed appropriate since we have a puffy Halloween cat now.

Did I mention that she is puffy?  And little.  Just 8 weeks old when we picked her up.

Eric and I spent Sunday in the country, this silly horse had gotten his mane packed full of burrs.  I got them out and then spent a few hours clearing the darned plants out of the horse pasture.  Nasty buggers.

Then it was back home to the cutest little kitten.  Our other cat is not amused.  In fact she is pretty mad.  She hisses and growls when she enters the room, just in case if the kitten is in there.

On Tuesday we were invited to go to the Twins game with some friends.  Beautiful night, great seats!  Not the greatest game.  The highlight was the mascot race.  The purple loon won.  Photo finish. Really.

Greta in the entryway.  She was scared of the dog at first, now she bats at Penny's tail.  I think it will all work out eventually.

Brian claims that he doesn't like the cat...but his smile tells me that he's been teasing me.

Late Friday afternoon we headed back to Ames to see Greg Brown perform.  I've followed him for 28 years or so...that's a long time.  He doesn't perform much anymore, so when I saw he was going to be in Ames it was a no brainer to get the tickets!  The venue wasn't very good, there was a dance floor but really no seating.  The sound wasn't good, it was dark, people talked through the songs.  But it was Greg Brown so I just tried my best to ignore the not so good parts and enjoy the show.  I especially enjoy watching Greg's interactions with Bo Ramsey.  This wasn't my best picture from the day, but it was my favorite because I liked the look Greg gave Bo as they finished a song.  He's high up there on my coolest dude's ever list.

On Saturday we golfed with Billy in the cold wind and rain, and it was fun!  Then had a big lunch before the women's volleyball game.  That was really fun to watch.  They have some tall, tall girls on their team.  A couple of them are listed as 6'4".  Wow.  The libero in this picture, number 6 with the maroon jersey, is listed as 5'6".  She looks like a small child next to the other girls.  Crazy.  But boy could she dig the volleyball!

We returned from Ames late on Saturday night.  Sunday was a lazy day, watching the Vikings win their first game and catching up on petting the soft kitten.  She looks angry, she just doesn't like the flash on the camera.  It's so hard to take her picture without.  It's going to challenge my skills...and that's a good thing.

Today she was sitting in the sun in the dining room.  All her fluffy little hairs were shining in the sun.  Maybe we should rename her.  Puff might work.

And with that, I'm all caught up for the month.  The September miles were wonderful, especially seeing Billy, but I'm looking forward to staying a little closer to home in October.  I have a fluffy little kitten to take care of you know!  I hope your October days find you right where you like to be.  Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Horsing Around at The Twins Game

In my last post I mentioned that we had seen the Budweiser Clydesdale's at the Twins game.  I had some fun taking photos of them!  Here they come, from the next to the bull pen in the outfield.

Horses, beer and baseball.  Works for me!

Great times are waiting indeed! They timed their changing signs pretty well.

Grab some Buds!

The horses are so impressive.  I think that the players were pretty taken back by their size.  Wonder what Justin Morneau #33 was thinking!

I wonder what the horses thought of TC bear!

They made the turn behind home plate look pretty easy peasy.

They are getting closer!

Pictures don't do them justice...the sheer size and power is pretty impressive.

Oh...look at this, they stopped right in front of us!  Maybe we can get in on some of the horse conversation.  What, you didn't know that horses talked?  Haven't you seen Mr. Ed?

Look at these two...they put the young ones out in front.  Trouble makers, you can just see it.

One little guy with 8 sets of reins.  He's hoping those trouble makers in the front behave themselves!

I think these two spotted someone drinking a Coors up in the shouldn't drink Coors in front of the Budweiser just ain't fittin'.

Oh oh...these two are starting to chat...hay...did you hear the one about the horse that went into the bar?

The bartender said "hey, why the long face".  Har har hardy har...I crack myself up! are so funny.  Har ear itches...

Ahhh...that is nice Bud...thanks for helping a guy out.  Itchy bridles and stuff all over us...

Hay...did you see that new filly in the back pasture?

She can sure swish her tail...woo hoo!  Maybe she has a sister for you Clyde!  Maybe they'd want to horse around....

Oh comes that mean handler guy, shaking his fist at us again!

Come on you two, focus, you're working remember?  No more joking around....

Oh I hate getting scolded...quit getting me in trouble Bud!

But Clyde...we don't get out much...and boys just wanna have fun!

No more fun for you boys!  Straighten up, you can be replaced you know!

Darned trouble makers...a drivers work is never done.

Way to go Clyde...getting us in trouble again.

But Bud...did you hear the one about the...oh never mind.

Time to get back to work.

Nice chatting with you Clyde...let's pull this thing back to the barn...maybe there will be some oats and filly's waiting for us!

And just like that they were off.

The 2nd horse was hollering at the Twins...wishing them luck!

Another tight turn.

Precision driving...pretty impressive!

Oh luck, there is TC Bear!  Looking for that Coors drinker I bet.

Oh oh...I think he found him!  It wasn't me TC...don't shoot!  Whew...that was a close one.

And then it was time for the game.  The Twins didn't do very well...and it was Justin Morneau's last night as a Twin.  Sad to see him go.  Sad to see all the changes that have been made on the team since the fancy stadium was built.

The sign lights up when the home team scores...

...if they keep trading away our good guys they might as well turn off the lights!  Or they could just keep bringing the Clydesdale's back.  When there are horses and beer it doesn't really matter how the team does!

Silly post...thanks for stopping by.