Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Play...again

My chucks and I spent a lot of time today watching these puffy clouds drift by. The baseball boys won their way into playing on Sunday...which earned my chucks and I a seat in the stands...or on the ground...or walking around...or where ever I could go to get a picture or two or ten....or more.

I like the following shot...a lot. I like it because it shows a lot of action. I like it because the dust is flying. I like how it is framed, I like how it's in focus. I like the lines. I like it because I was sitting there watching the whole thing unfold. I like it because the boys were playing a team that just plain were poor sports and our catcher hung onto the ball and the other boy was OUT! I love the shot because it's a picture of my boy Billy, and the darned kid makes me proud at every turn.
The team that they played had a few talented kids...and they won in spite of their coaches and the poor examples that they were setting. Our boys lost but they did it with class. Baseball is a game full of teachable lucky Billy is to be on a team with wonderful coaches that are helping to teach them and guide them every step of the way.

Weekend tournaments are fun, but on one hand there is a lot of sitting around....on the other hand there is never really time to do much else. I had been so looking forward to visiting this store....but there wasn't much time. I popped in and popped out in between games today. It wasn't as fantastic as I had envisioned...but still fun to see all the hats and boots and other horse stuff.

After the quick stop it was back to the tournament. The boys played a pleasant team to wind up their day. They couldn't pull out a win, but accepted the 4th place medals gracefully and applauded the other boys as they got their 3rd place awards.

It was a fun weekend out of town, with typically variable Minnesota weather....and a whole lot of baseball.....and now....the laundry awaits!

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