Friday, June 5, 2009

Unfortunate Game

Another weekend, another baseball tournament. The Friday night game didn't go very well for the home town boys. They started out with a good lead, then things gradually...then quickly...fell apart. I think that the coaches expression says it all. Oh dear.

There were more than a few blown calls by the umpire. This one was at the start of the teams down slide. There was a wild pitch, the catcher went after the ball and threw it to the pitcher at home to get the advancing runner out ...the ball bounced off of the base runners helmet and went out towards the pitchers mound. The next base runner ran towards home...the pitcher was covering....

The first baseman got the ball, made the throw to the pitcher at home....the pitcher made the tag....

...and the boy slid to the plate. And the! What? You're wrong! Photographic evidence. Wanna see the replay?? Oh, that's not allowed?? Blah. There were a couple more bad calls like this one that went the other teams way. Our boys did make a few errors, it wasn't just the calls by the ump that caused their loss..... but it sure is frustrating when calls are blown.

And it can change the mood of a game in a big hurry. Does my little buddy look a little frustrated? He was. So was his momma. But you just have to brush off the dust and let it go.....and the older he gets, the better he is getting at too.

Baseball, it is just a game...but there are lots of life's lessons thrown in....for the boys and for this boys mom. :-)

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