Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tournament Weekend

Billy is in a baseball tournament this weekend. The first of quite a few. They played Friday night and won easily...17-0.

Then they played on Saturday morning and lost to a tough team from New Prague. Saturday was sunny but cool....and very, very dry. We sure could use some rain.

I take lots and lots of pictures at baseball games. Too many. But it's fun...and they are it's OK. I think. Now I have to sort through them all....ugh.

They changed to their white uniforms for the 2nd game on Saturday, because the team they were playing was wearing red. They won. That means that they play on Sunday....which is today. If they win they play again...they could have 3 games if they make it to the championship.

It makes for some long days. But it's all good. Especially when they end with moments like this one.

What can be better than a ball game with grandparents cheering you on? Play ball!

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