Saturday, June 27, 2009


My chucks and I watched some baseball today. Today it was my brown chucks. I might get off the chucks kick, I might not. Right now I'm sort of liking it.

Like I mentioned yesterday, we're out of town at a baseball tournament. There are some cool shops here that I really want to get to, but there was too much baseball today to go shopping. Actually there were only two games today but they both ended up delayed because of morning rain. The second field where they played had a pretty view. Not that I was looking at that instead of baseball! Get a hit Billy!

Go Billy go!

Stop Billy Stop!

Two games today, two wins today, means that they get to play tomorrow. It would sure be nice if this will be the day that they play like they can....and win a few Sunday games. Go E.P.!
Here's an artsy fartsy shot with a weed in the fence and my growing like a weed boy in the background. Sometimes my mind wanders off of baseball. Sometimes the players minds do too.

But this boy stays pretty focused....on baseball that is. Cleaning his room...not so much.

Before supper I noticed the pretty colors in the sky and walked across a couple of parking lots to get a picture of the sunset. I only had a couple of pictures left....and thought I had used them wisely.

But about 10 minutes later the sunset became spectacular....and I was out of shots. Sort of like a lot of things in just never know how good things can get....God isn't finished with us yet!

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