Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Greetings!  So what is up with my blog header??  ^^^  It is supposed to look like the photo below.  Apparently I need to look into what the best picture size should be.  Not feeling like pursuing it at the moment though.  Just scroll down and hide it ok??

Last week Eric and I went to a rodeo in Hamel.  Last Friday my friend Kris and I went to a rodeo in Waconia.  I didn't get too many good shots, but I like this one.  I brought my cheaper lens, the lighting and seating wasn't as good...but it was still fun....just not phototastic.  Yep...I just made up a new word.

The full moon was really bright last weekend.  It even lit up the clouds.  Not quite full here, but I like it.

I spent a night at my mom's while Eric and Billy were out of town.  Fun to see this guy first thing in the morning!  Breakfast with a friend.

Loving the day lilies right now.  My garden is needing weeding right I should get in there and admire those flowers up close.  Why don't rabbits eat weeds?

Cosmos are one of my favorites...I like the pink ones best, but this one seemed so bright and clean.

Another day lily.  I like the ruffles on the edges of this one.

One last day lily.  Eric and Billy are on their way home from West Virginia.  Billy's team is now in the losers bracket of the state baseball tournament...but two wins today would put them in the championship game tomorrow.  I'm hopeful.  I sure would like to see him play one last game!

I hope your day is filled with sunshine and flowers....unless you need rain...then I hope you get that!  Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Days

We waited and waited for the summer days to come.  They are here...and it is hot!  Hot, humid, sultry.  Summer!  The low last night was 77 muggy degrees.  Oye. I have been thankful for the air conditioning in my house and car with this heat!  Here are a few summer photos from the last week.

I walked home from Eric's softball game last many stop lights between the fields and our house made me think that it was farther than it is.  2.5 miles or so on a beautiful summer evening.  And I found this morning glory growing a a fence next to the road.  Note to self...walk more!

The coneflowers in my garden are liking these warm days.  I'm liking the coneflowers that are about to bloom.

Eric and I went to the rodeo in Hamel on Saturday night.  It's a fun rodeo...and I got quite a few fun pictures.  This one of a steer wrestler is my favorite.  Get 'em!  He did.

Warm summer day, even for the birds.  Hello chickadee!

Billy's last regular season baseball game...maybe his last game all together.  He left for a mission trip at 6 a.m. for a week and won't be back for most of the State baseball Tournament.  He will get to play if they make it into the Championship game...go team!  This at bat...strike out.  It would be a bummer to end on that...and end on an artificial turf field.  Fake turf pitchers mound, fake turf infield, and even fake turf base paths.  Yuck.  The place smelled like hot tires.  Not how baseball should be played.

My daylilies are blooming...fresh and new everyday.

Coneflowers at various stages.

And I'll end with a hot sultry sunset.  Cooler and drier air is on it's way...yay!

Warm or cool I hope that you are enjoying your July days!  Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Back to the Photos

I can get behind in my blogging in a blink of an eye!  I'll blame it on summertime busyness.  Maybe it's because it's more fun to do things than blog about them.  Or maybe it's just that I'm not as organized as I should be.  Anyway, here we go with another photo catch up session.  Billy playing softball.  I loved the sky behind him!

Billy playing baseball.  I loved the sky behind him.  Oh's a trend.

Billy had some fans for a game.  Three generations of Young men. baby really is a young man.

We went kayaking around Madeline Island.  It was a beautiful day followed by an amazing Brandi Carlile concert at the Big Top Chautauqua.  Quick but wonderful trip.

 Sometimes they shake things up on the baseball team...Billy got to play third base in this game.  I loved the light!  Oh...and he made the play too.

At bat early in the game.

My daisies are amazing right now!  I was hoping that they would be blooming in time for Billy's grad party...but no such luck.  Worth the wait though!

Grand finale at the fireworks show.  I'm not sure which type I like best...long exposures or short...this one is sort of in between.

Boat ride on the river.  The water is still high.  This is "Tin Can" Island.  Not much left of it.  Rivers keep's sort of cool.

One of my favorite views at the farm.  Everything is beautifully green.

One of the day lilies at my mom's place.

Back home and enjoying the daisies.  After all of our rain, things are getting sort of dry now in July.  A happy medium would be nice!

Billy's last game at Round Lake Stadium.  Calling time against a wonky pitcher.  He had hit the two batters before kind of gets in your head!  Six batters hit that game, one boy was hit 3 times.  Poor kid...and he wasn't a smart Alec or anything...just unlucky!

Last nights game in Osseo / Maple Grove.  Billy playing third again.  The mosquitoes were ferocious...never seen anything like it.  Youch!  A friend on Facebook said that she was bitten so much she was sure that she had West Nile Virus.  Nothing to joke about...but I know what she meant!

And I'll close on that itchy note.  I hope that where ever you are, your space is bug free!  Thanks for stopping by.