Friday, October 17, 2014

Just Some Photos

Just a few of my photos of the day.  I've got some cleaning to do before Billy arrives with his posse of college buddies for the weekend.  Cleaning and cooking!  I'm looking forward to seeing him.  Speaking of Billy, here is the view from his bedroom.  The maple keeps getting more and more colorful.  It glows when we walk past his room.

The poplar tree next to my bedroom window is changing too.  I love to listen to the leaves rustling.

Greta decided to take a catnap on Billy's bed.  I think that she was admiring the view of the tree.  Or looking at a bird.

Yesterday Eric talked me into sneaking away for a few hours of golf.  It was a gorgeous 70 + degrees...probably the last one of the season.  Sometimes you just have to drop what you are doing and enjoy the day.  I'm so glad that we did.  This is one of the winding paths in the woods between holes.

Colder temps were here by time for a cool weekend.  I think having a house full of college boys will make the weather outside go by unnoticed.  I hope you have a fun weekend ahead.  Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happy Place

I live in the suburbs, but one of my favorite places to spend time is on the land where I grew up.  I think I'll always be a country girl at heart.  It's especially beautiful there in the Autumn.  How can you not enjoy a view like this?  The oaks are starting to turn.

 There are still some yellow leaves on the maples.

The maple by the driveway was especially gorgeous last weekend.

And another reason I love going to the country is that my boys are there.  They are starting to get their winter coats.  Skylar seemed sort of lethargic and cranky last weekend.  Not sure if he wasn't feeling good or if he was just crabby that winter is on it's way.

A little extra feed for both of them seemed to brighten both of their moods.

I wish that I could be there all of the time to keep an eye on them.  And to get those important horse hugs when ever I need them.  But for now, it's life in the suburbs...

 ...with as many trips to the country as we can make time for. I like the quote "Enjoy the season you are in."  This season is pretty darned nice.  I hope things are good in your neck of the woods.  Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Around the Block

 On Sunday, before we went to the farm, we stopped at Eric's parents home for lunch and to watch the Vikings game.  It was a beautiful afternoon, there was a little time before lunch, and the Vikings just aren't very interesting to me I took a walk around the block.  I'm so glad that I did!

Eric's parents live on a block above Taylors Falls called the "Angel Hill" district.  It's beautiful anytime of the year, but the colors in Autumn really make it shine.  Most of the homes are very old, and kept up very well.  Almost all of them are done in the Greek Revival style and are painted white with green trim.  Very pretty.

During my walk the Life Link helicopter went directly over me.  I said a little prayer for the person aboard, their family and the crew.  I always do when I see an ambulance too.  It's hard knowing that someone is hurting and that their life may be changing...even it if it's a stranger.  So I say a prayer and hope it helps.

Anyway, back to my walk.  Part way down the hill is the Historic Folsom house.  A lumber baron, one of the early settlers in the town.  It's maintained by the MN Historical society.  Here's a link:  I worked there one summer after High School as a tour guide.

It's surrounded by beautiful yellow maples.

The Folsom's donated land to the United Methodist Church.  It was built in 1861.  It's the oldest Methodist Church still being used in Minnesota.  My grandma went to Sunday school there.  It's the church where Eric and I were married.  I'll end my history lesson with that!

On around the block...glorious maple trees, glowing golden leaves reflecting in window panes that have seen well over one hundred seasons on a beautiful day.  So much nicer than being inside and watching the Vikings lose.

Orange leaves and the blue, blue sky.

Glowing leaves.

I remember when this big house was brought into the neighborhood in the 1960's...or early 70's...I don't remember which.  It's never quite looked settled to me...and I think it's because there has never been a sidewalk added to the front door.  Sidewalks are important!  There is another house on the block that was moved in that doesn't look anchored sidewalk.

But it was a day to be looking up at the beautiful leaves, not worrying about sidewalks or the lack of sidewalks.  Autumn leaves.

And before I knew it, I was back to where I started.  It was a perfect day for a walk around the block. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Harvest Time

My dad was one of the hardest working men that I've ever known.  A full time job as a rigger in the city, and full time farmer at home.  After "retirement" he farmed and took care of the land full time.  He worked from sun up to sun down.  My brother is following in his foot steps.  He has taken over the spot of hardest working men that I know.

It's harvest time on the farm.  He's starting with the soy beans.  The farmers in Minnesota had a tough start with a very cold and wet spring.  Then our cooler than normal summer with not much rain...followed by a few weeks of monsoon rains towards the end of summer.  Farming isn't for the faint of heart.  

But the crops got in, they grew, they ripened...and now it's time to harvest.  It may have started a little slow...

...but there are beans.  And there will be corn.

Dusty beans!  But beautiful beans filling the wagons.

So many things can go wrong with farming.  From depending completely on the weather, to insect problems, to markets going up and down, to equipment failure.  Something always needs fixing. Like I said, it's not for the faint of heart.  But seeing the harvest filling the wagons is a pretty special sight.

I think this one below should be called "Amber Waves of Grain".  I like the swirls in the grain that the auger makes when the combine is emptying it's load.

Filling wagons, isn't it a pretty sight?  It's such an important part of Autumn.


The pretty little Farmall H is getting dusty!  It looks tiny next to the giant combine.

Combines are pretty amazing machines.

The beans go in the hopper, the chaff comes out the back.  Farmers have to be mechanics along with all of their other jobs.

The little H wasn't quite big enough to pull those full wagons back to the farm.  My brother had to go back to the farm to get a bigger one.

My grandpa had Farmalls.  My dad had Farmalls and International Harvestors.  My brother has Farmalls and IHs and now Case IH's.  Farmers brand loyalty runs deep.  Isn't it pretty?  Red is the only color of tractor that I like too.  Not that it matters.

During harvest time the only way to see my brother is to spend some time on the farm....same as harvest time when my dad was living.  Harvesting doesn't stop for visiting.  That's ok by me.  I love to be at the farm.  I went for a ride on the IH to help hook up those full wagons, and to spend time with my brother.

Rain was in the forecast, the wagons needed to go inside. My riding with saved my brother one small trip up and down the tractor to hook the wagons up. Not much help, but it gave me a chance to visit with him.

And that's what you do when you want to spend time with a hard working farmer during harvest time. Take time to thank a farmer, they deserve it.  They work hard to put food on all of our tables. Where would we be without them?
 Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Just a few Pictures

A few of my photos of the day, fall scenes around here.  Molly napping in the sun.

Fading fall blossoms in the garden.

On the golf course, same as one of the photos from yesterday if it looks familiar.

A cosmos in the front garden.

Brian and Penny.  Brian was helping Eric put things away for the winter.  Penny was watching to make sure they did it right.  Our old dog seems to be hanging in there.  She keeps surprising us with her longevity.

The trees in the neighbors yard are sure pretty.

Ours are just starting to show some color.  I love the red stems and the touch of yellow in the leaves.

That's all for now.  Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Another Fall Golf Day

Earlier this summer I bought a groupon coupon for a round of golf at the course where I play with my lady friends.  Our plan was to golf with our friend Bob and our youngest son Billy.  Well, between baseball and other things keeping us busy, we never made it out there during the summer. But the forecast for Friday looked promising, so we kidnapped Bob and made him go with us!  Bob works a lot...getting him to take an afternoon off was quite a feat.

Unfortunately the coupon expired in September. Rats.  But luckily, they still honored it, gave us the fall rates and gave me a voucher for ladies league next summer to make up the difference of what the round cost and what we had paid for the groupon.  What a great deal!

It was 50 degrees, but the sun made it feel warmer.  The trees were gorgeous.  Pretty leaves falling and golf balls don't always work very well, but we didn't lose too many balls.

I think Eric was showing Bob the way here.  Not really sure.

It looks like Eric had a good shot!  It was a fun day, Bob hadn't golfed in a few years and I think getting out there has him thinking about it again.

Isn't this tree amazing?  I'm not sure what happened to me at the beginning of our round, I was playing better than I ever have in my life.  One over par after 5 holes.  And then I started thinking about it too know...the best round of your life type thoughts....and then I slipped back into my normal game.  Shucks.  But those pars and that birdie will give me something fun to think about when the snow flies.  And make me want to get back out there in the spring!

There's a T-shirt about golf that sums it up so says: "I hate this game, I hate this game, I hate this game, Nice shot, I love this game!"  Yup, that one good shot can change everything!

The course where we golfed is out in the country a ways.  I love the scenery there.  It's even prettier in the fall.

Not many people can say that they were golfing on the back nine when the beans were being combined!

It was a pretty day.  I hope you can get out and enjoy the pretty days where you are!  Thanks for stopping by.