Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Last Day of School

I know that I said I would write about the Spring Cattle Drive today, but I think that will have to wait until tomorrow. Since it's the last day of school for the boys today, I better write about that instead.
Way back when the boys were little, we started taking pictures of them on the first day and the last day of school. We always took them in the same spot in our old house, so we'd be able to see how much they would grow compared to where they lined up with the light switch. This picture was taken on the first day of pre-school for both boys in late August of 1996. See the new white shoes! Billy was pretty excited to be going to school like his big brudda! I love this picture. :-) Sometime I will scan all of the first and last day of school pictures and line them up, that would be fun....well, for me anyway.

Zoom ahead almost 10 years. Brian just finished his sophomore year. He only had a half day of school today. The rest of the day was spent playing video games. We'll be talking about a summer routine for both of them tomorrow. :-) Penny is always excited to meet the boys when they come home.

Billy had a full day of school, except instead of school they went to the zoo. I'm not sure that there is much difference between the zoo and middle school. He hung out with two buddies and their girl friends. What? He said it was a little weird since he doesn't have a girl friend...but he used one of their camera's to take pictures of the happy couples. Uh, ok. Molly the cat likes to greet the boys too.

Here are the boys together. We had to change our location for the pictures when we moved, but there is a light switch on the left side of the picture, I think that they have grown just a bit. I should have had Billy looking up to his big brudda like he was when they were little...but he wouldn't have had to look up very far. They are getting closer in height every day. I think he still looks up to his big brother anyway. Don't we all look up to our older sibling if we have one?

So now I have two High Schoolers. Ready or not. It will be the first time since Brian was in 4th grade and Billy in 2nd that the two will be in the same school. In Eden Prairie there are lots of schools, when they started the Kindergarten was only a half day and in a building of its own. Then there were four elementary school's that were 1st-4th. The kindergarten is integrated in the elementaries now...I think. I'm not very good about keeping track of things that don't pertain to me any more. :-P After elementary there is one Intermediate school with all of the 5th and 6th graders, then Central Middle School that has all the 7th and 8th.

The High School is more like a college campus, it's one of the largest in the state. I'm guessing that since there are around 3,300 students there, the boys probably won't be seeing too much of each other during the day....but I would think that just knowing your brother is there somewhere would help. I know it's going to help me when I send them off together that first day in the fall. On the other hand, double trouble keeps echoing around in my head....but for now I'll just wish everyone with kids that are home.....HAPPY SUMMER!

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