Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What's Blooming

Happy June 2nd! How can it be June already? I missed the 6 month anniversary of my blog...happy anniversary blog. How about some flowers to celebrate?

This blossom is from a bush in my yard, someone has said that it is a Chinese lilac. It looks sort of like a pink lilac, but blooms later than the others and doesn't have a very strong scent. Any ideas of what it really is?

I planted some day lilies this spring. This one opened up today. I'm a little concerned, it was supposed to be a cream color. Looks orange to me. That should be lovely with the burgundy ones I planted right next to it. Maybe those will be a mystery color too and it will all work out just fine.

This is a little perennial....trouble with perennials is that they don't come up with those little tags to remind you what in the heck they are. You can call me the absent minded gardener.

This is some sort of daisy thing that is an annual and came with a tag and I just planted it last week....and I still don't remember what it is. Maybe out to lunch gardener would be better.

Another perennial...and this one I know...I think....it's a Queen Anne's lace that hasn't quite opened up yet. And the pink behind it is a cluster of dianthus. Whew. Thought I forgot everything I never knew.

My flowers and I are all getting pretty worried about all of these dry windy days with no rain. We've been short of moisture for a long time. I know that I can always water, but the crops are suffering, the hay will be sparse if we don't get some rain soon. Anyone know a rain dance?? I'm a farmers daughter, of course I watch the sky. Praying for rain.

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