Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Same Old Same Old

The days are starting to all feel the same. It must be summer. Billy has been getting up early and going to football training. At 8:30 a.m. it's HEAT (high energy athletic training) and at 10:00 a.m. it's the freshman academy. The freshman academy is a combination of watching game films, strength training and aerobic training. He's a tired boy when he gets home. One of the things that he has been doing in HEAT is jumping rope. He has a little trouble with that, so he was practicing this afternoon. Too bad I don't know any rhymes to teach him!

Brian had soccer this evening. First they didn't have enough players, then they had too many. The league is pretty laid back. This was one of the few pictures that I got to turn out tonight. I'm having some trouble with my camera. I need to bring it in. Rats.

After Brian's soccer game I headed to Billy's baseball game. Again, I had camera troubles. Rats. And the game was called early because of lightening. They lost. Rats. Their team only had 3 hits all night. Billy had two of them! That's my boy! :-)

The lightening was pretty cool, the kind that just lights up the clouds in the dark sky. I almost kind of sort of got a picture of it. This time it wasn't the camera, it was me. Rats.

Busy day followed by a rumbling, thundery night. My favorite kind. Now if I could just figure out the camera issue! Rats.

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