Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Quick Trip

We took a quick, unexpected trip to the country this weekend. Some plans fell through for the day and we found ourselves with a rare break in our schedule. So we hopped in the van and went for a visit. We visited this guy. Czar is looking shiny and fit.

And we visited this guy. Skylar was looking for food. He's always looking for food.

It was a happy reunion.

After spending some time with my mom and with the horses, we headed to the cabin.

One of us found the hammock.... of us talked grandpa Bill into going fishing.

The rest of us just enjoyed the peaceful beauty of the river. The river changes colors depending on the day, the weather, the's always beautiful.

Brian and Grandma Barb got caught up on what's new.

Billy and Grandpa Bill watered some trees....and one of them enjoyed the chance to drive the riding lawn mower.

We were having one of those wonderful cabin suppers that our moms whip together on a moments notice when the weather changed. The wind picked up, the temperature dropped, the skies got dark.....but no rain.

Eric and I drove up to the farm to see what my brother was up to. He was fixin'. My dad spent a lot of time fixin', now my brother is. This day it was the haybine. One little thing needed to be fixed, which led to another thing needing to be fixed and "while every thing is apart might as well fix that" type of fixin'.

I grew up thinking that everyone could take apart equipment, fix what needed fixing and then put it back together again. Life is different in the city.
While my brother was fixin' and Eric was watching / helping, I took a little walk into the pasture to get a better look at the clouds. I found a long ago forgotten wagon wheel.

And enjoyed the pretty sky. The thunder rumbled once or twice, about 10 raindrops fell, and that was it.

On the way from the farm back to the cabin we stopped for a second to enjoy the sunset.

Then it was time for smores! Grandma Janet didn't trust Billy with her marshmallow. I don't blame her, he promises to make you one, but good luck getting it before he eats it himself!

Isn't this just a perfect fire? We thought so too.

Having an unexpected day and night at the cabin was just what we needed. Hope your weekend was full of family and fun too.

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