Friday, June 26, 2009

On The Road

Me and my chucks hit the road today...well, Billy and Eric did too. We're on a little trip to southern Minnesota for the weekend.

We came here with this bunch of hooligans....and their parents.

We're here because Billy is doing this. It's their "out of town" tournament. Game one didn't go very well. The umpire was pretty stingy with his strike zone. Our boys bats were pretty stingy with their hits. Not a good combo.

Billy played first for the whole game. Here was a throw from the outfield...he took the cut...

...fired the ball home.....

....the catcher had it....he's OUT!, or not. The boy got up, the catcher got up, the ball was laying on the ground....SAFE! It was the game ending over. Loss number one. Bummer.

We went back to the motel, the boys went to the pool, the parents enjoyed a pot luck. The game is forgotten pretty quickly. Tomorrow is another day, with baseball and predicted storms. is an easy catch the ball, you throw the ball and sometimes it rains. Tomorrow is another day.

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