Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So Long June...

...see ya next year. Where has June gone? It's been an eventful month. We've had a drought, and cold days, and hot humid days, and eventually rainy days....and lots of windy days. We've had the longest day of the year...which is also the shortest night of the year which must be the explanation for why I am so, so tired today. June brings us roses, you have to love that!

June brings the end of school and the start of summer vacation. There was a cancelled wedding, a wedding completed, a couple of wedding anniversaries...and a baby shower. And there were roses.

June brought us a lot of baseball....24 games. And it brings a lot of softball, 15 games. The night that two were rained-out was a welcomed break. It's brought soccer...8 games. And Civil Air Patrol meetings for Brian...tonight is his 5th this month and will end with a ride in a helicopter. Hopefully he will get some pictures for me to post tomorrow. And there were roses.

June also brought football training sessions for Billy...7 so far. And football academy...5 times. There were a couple of trips to Taylors Falls, a weekend baseball tournament in Owatonna. And June brought us roses.

It also brought a broken tooth, a couple of trips to the dentist and unplanned crown for me. I think I'm starting to see why I'm feeling sort of tired today. But tomorrow is July, it certainly can't be as crazy as June can it? Did I mention that June brought us roses?

I'm a little afraid to flip the calendar over to see what the month of July brings. But I'm thinking that I should carve out a little chunk of time to hang up a hammock and take a little nap. I'm going to need the energy to get at all those weeds that are growing around the roses. See ya next month.

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