Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dirty Dog

Sometime in late May I started an outdoor project. The black plastic edging junk around our house was popping out of the ground in spots, had been chewed up by the mower (before we moved here) and needed to be torn out. I put it off because I don't like working with that stuff at all. I decided to replace it with landscaping bricks. On Sunday I finally finished the East and part of the North sides of the house. I shouldn't say finished, because I still need to replace a bunch of the mulch, plant grass seed where I changed the shape of the edging....but finished with the brick part anyway. I reserved a little area where I am going to plant a few soon as it stops raining. Anyway, I looked out the window today and look what I found! The dog has decided that the area where I am going to plant my flowers is a perfect bed. A perfect wet, muddy bed.

Great. Now after I get the dirt scooped back into the spot, replace the mulch, plant the flowers, wash the dog, I think I better put up a little fence. In the rain. On the other hand, the mulch and flowers can wait....and if I leave the dog outside maybe the rain will wash off the mud.

Changing plans, that's what we're about around here. Oh, the first picture was taken through a screen, so that one I can understand....the second excuse. I had to tweak it like crazy in photoshop just so you could see what it is. I'm convinced that it's the camera and not me. The camera is going in to be looked at today...3 days before the one year warranty is up. Wish us luck. That's ok, I should be working in my yard instead of taking pictures anyway. :-P

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