Monday, June 29, 2009

Flowers today

Are you as tired of looking at baseball pictures as I am? I sort of thought so. Let's sit out on the front step for a little while and just enjoy the flowers.

This is one of 4 window boxes full of wave petunias. See, I really do know how to spell petunia! I picked out an odd assortment petunias to use this summer. Different colors and sizes. I like the free flowing look....either that or I messed up. Not quite sure yet.

The bee balm is blooming. Ahhh....that says it's summer. That and the calendar.

The daisies appear to be taking over my garden. I like daisies...I just don't want to have only daisies. Somehow these bunches of babies breath came up between the daisies. Either that or the daisies have come up all around the babies breath. But I like it. It sort of makes a bouquet right there in the garden.

And then there are the cosmos. One of my favorites. They aren't very tall yet, but there are blossoms here and there.

It feels like summer is slipping away already.... June is almost a memory. That's why we had to stop and smell the flowers today. Sniff. Sniff. Achoo.

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