Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Soccer Night

I meant to blog about and show some pictures of the spring cattle drive today, I really did, but the Internet was down for most of the day.....ack!.......and I started doing other stuff and sort of forgot about it. Then it was time for a quick supper so Eric could bring Billy to baseball and I could bring Brian to soccer...and then....well....I forgot. And since it's late and I was just downloading soccer pictures, that's what you get for Cows tomorrow.

There was a small group for the game tonight. The Eden Prairie High School had their graduation and quite a few of the kids were gone. I offered to play, I was wearing a green shirt and everything....but they passed on my offer. Oh well....whew. :-) I'm not truly into watching soccer, but I sure like watching Brian...and I like watching this team because they smile so much. My dad used to tease Brian with this joke...."do you know why kids play soccer?" "they play it so they don't have to watch it." Hee.

They borrowed a player from the other team so they would have at least one sub and a chance to rest. Blondie here was going in to take Brian's place.

Hmmm....maybe the mystery of all that smiling while playing has been solved. Do ya think? :-)

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