Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Busy Weekend

Summer weekends get so busy...this one was no exception. Billy had a baseball tournament in Prior Lake all weekend, my cousin got married in my home town on Saturday, and Brian had a soccer game on Sunday. Busy...just how we like it.

Kasi and Charles were married outdoors on Saturday, it was sunny and warm! Kasi was in my wedding 27 years and one day before. I thought that was pretty neat. Here is a picture of that day. Kasi is the little girl on the right. The other little girl is my niece Stephanie with my dad. The little boy is my cousin Mike. Mike was our ring bearer...he bailed before going down the aisle. Mike's nephew was in Kasi's wedding....he bailed before going down the aisle too. It's a family tradition. :-)

Here is Kasi 27 years later. A beautiful bride at her own wedding. I snapped a few pictures, this one is my favorite. It was a lovely wedding, the flowers were vibrant! The music was wonderful, my Uncle Jim played his guitar and sang, another woman sang, and then Charles sisters did a traditional African song...very touching. Since Eric and Billy were at a baseball game, Brian was my date. It was a fun day.

Now on to baseball. Billy's team played two games on Saturday, they won them both. We got up bright and early and left by 6:30 a.m. to get him to his early game on Sunday. They played really well, and won...winning their pool and getting the top seed in the bracket play. Here's a throw to Billy at home.....

....and he's out! The next two games didn't go quite as well. They lost the next two and took 4th place. The final game was played mostly in the rain.

The rain fit my mood. It was Father's Day. My heart and my thoughts kept drifting to my Dad. I miss him, today more than most. This picture of him and Brian was taken just over a year ago. It's one of my favorites. I think of him so often. He was a very special man...and not just to me.

One of the qualities that my Dad had was that he always gave so much more than he ever expected to receive. He worked for everything that he had. Money wasn't important to him, putting in a full day of work was. If a neighbor needed help, he was there, never expecting anything in return. He was loyal to his family and loved us completely and unconditionally, what a gift. Happy Father's Day are missed.
What a different world we would have if everyone would give just a little more than they took .... I'm trying to live that way, in honor of my dad.

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