Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pella Street Scrubbers

We arrived at Pella Thursday evening, in time to look around a bit and set up our chairs for the evening parade. There were medium sized stock tanks filled with water on the sidewalks, near the street. It seemed sort of strange, I wondered if there would be a lot of animals in the parade that needed to drink. Then I wondered if it would be ok to set our chairs near these tanks....I thought maybe they did some sort of splashing shenanigans there. I asked someone what they were for, she said oh, that's just water for washing the street. Oh, ok....huh? Maybe there were a lot of animals in the parade and they washed up after them. Hmmm.

Well, she was right about washing the streets....but it wasn't because of the animals. Before the parade starts, the street scrubbers come through and scrub the streets. Apparently it's a tradition that came from scrubbing the cobblestone streets in the Netherlands.

It turned out to be my favorite part of the festivities in Pella. I loved it because whole families were involved....and because the kids and their costumes were so cute.

And again, the family pride and the joy of celebrating their heritage came shining sweet are these two?

It was a little hard to get good pictures at the night time parade....but this little gal was right in front of us and was happy to show us how she dumps her water out of the bucket.

She was pretty serious about her job...but I think I see a little grin in this one....probably thinking "these women are weird."

The scrubbers were done before we knew it....but on Friday afternoon we knew what to expect. Oh come the street scrubbers!

Some have buckets on yokes on their shoulders, others have brooms to scrub the water around. They scoop the water from the trough, the ones with the brooms scrub it around.
I was watching all of the action when I heard an excited little squeal that sounded exactly like Billy when he was little....I looked over and saw this little dude.

Oh my, was he ever busy. And excited to be there, and doing his job with gusto, and seriousness all at the same time.

Did I mention gusto? I wanted to give his little cheeks a squeeze! Bye little buddy.

This little guy didn't seem quite so sure about the whole thing...but he was with his momma and got to push his very own broom, so it was ok.

The scrubbing was an important job, it needed to be done just was a good thing that this little one had her older sister right there to tell her what to do. What is it with older sisters?

It wasn't just kids that were involved, there were a lot of adults too. This guy was a long drink of water! Some of the people seemed to be really tall. Maybe it was the wooden shoes.

They didn't leave any dry spots on the whole street. This guy made sure that the spot under my feet was nice and clean. Thanks dude. Some of the costume cuteness is lost on the adults. Just saying.

After I dried off my shoes, I looked up and saw this little beauty coming towards me. Oh, be still my heart.

Have you ever, ever seen anything more beautiful than this little one in her costume carrying a broom? Of all the pictures I took, of all the things we saw...this little one is by far my favorite.

What a doll.

Scrub, scrub, scrub....

...cute, cute, cute. What more can be said?

Oh...then there was this little guy. He's pretty cute too!

And little red....all dressed up in lace scrubbing the street.

Oh what do we have here? How did this little ones dress get all soaking wet in the front.

Oh, I see, it was from scrubbing those hard to remove stains.

I think her mom might know a little bit about removing stains when it comes to laundry time....maybe it's passed on through the generations.

Another picture of sweetness and light.

I loved how so many worked as a this father and son. I told you there were some tall ones!

And before we knew it, they were done again....

...thank you street did a great job! Your part alone made the trip worthwhile.

Tomorrow's blog....the Pella Parade.

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