Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Services

The Memorial Day service at our little cemetery was wonderfully the same as it always is. Traditions that are carried on through the generations mean so much more to me than events that are big and grand.

The service men and women....some current, most long ago retired...march in carrying the flags. It was touching to see the pride and dedication in the elderly serviceman that was there in spite of needing a walker to stand.

The flag was ceremoniously brought to the pole and raised to the sound of the trumpet playing.

The windy day made the flag snap to attention. After the flag was flown the service began. In Flanders Fields was read by a service woman. The Gettysburg address was read by a service man. A local minister gave a moving sermon.

Poppies were placed on the crosses while the role call of servicemen that have passed away was read. Three of these boys belong to one of my former classmates. They still live in town and have been placing the poppies since they were little boys. It was nice to see that the tradition is still important to them now that they are teens.

After the role call they fired the guns in salute. Most years at least one of the old rifles jams...it sounded like it did again this year. I think it's a part of the tradition.

Taps was played and the beautiful little service was complete.

Memorial Day...a time to remember, a time to reflect, a time to give thanks for the many freedoms that these men and women gave their lives for us to enjoy....

....and most of all, a time to honor those that will always be so dear to us. I hope that your day was filled with tradition and meaning too.

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