Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pella Feet

There were wooden shoes everywhere in Pella! From young kids to elderly tour guides.

These were worn by some of the dancers on the street.

Some were plain wood, some were painted.

Some had decorative painting and were quite fancy.

Some of the Dutch shoes were hard to fill. We had to get a picture of my mom in these shoes....

...because they have a picture of my dad in these shoes from when they went to Holland in 2006.
Some of the shops had row after row of fancy wooden shoes.

This is the size that Brian and Billy would wear, with my pudgy little foot along side of it to show how huge they are! I was tempted to buy them some for a souvenir, but where in the world would we put them?

There were forests of wooden shoes.

These red ones were worn by the Pella Junior High band. The clomping wooden shoes were even a part of their sound...clomp, clomp, clomp.

And finally, the well worn shoes of one of the dancers. It looks like a few miles have been put on these.

I wonder how her feet feel about all of that!

Final day of Pella tomorrow...the Tulips.

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