Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Day in the Country

Oh my goodness...did you think we'd ever be done with Pella? There were just a lot of things to see there, and not too much new happening here. We did get to the country for a day last weekend. I took a couple of pictures of some colorful birds.

The Blue Jay was the team name for my old High School. The school merged with a neighboring school back in 1992 and the Blue Jays were no more.

I thought that it was a pretty good name for our teams. Go Blue Jays! This one was pretty squawky.

I did a book with pictures of birds last year, I tried and tried but never got a picture of a Blue Jay. Now I did, too late. They seem to be sort of shy and are pretty aware of their surroundings. What are you looking at bird?

The Scarlet Tanagers are at my mom's feeder again this spring. They are such a bright red that they almost glow.

Last spring, my Dad had been in the woods when a bright red bird landed in a branch near the spot where he was working. He was pretty excited about it. He went home for lunch and was telling my Mom about this beautiful red bird.

He was trying to describe it when he looked out the window and said "there it is!" It was at the feeder. I really like the idea of my busy Dad taking time to notice the birds.

The Trillium were blooming in the woods last weekend.

They seem pretty small this year. The hepaticas were too, it was a tough winter. Isn't this little group or Trillium pretty next to the river?

You always know that summer is near when the Trillium have bloomed. Did you know that you are only allowed to pick six? I'd rather just see them blooming in the woods.

It was nice to see the green around the river. This is one of my favorite spots.

Billy likes the river too. He's caught the fishing bug.

He's happy just to cast from the shore. There aren't too many fish right there, but it never hurts to try.

Oh, he looks kind of serious. Do you think he might have a bite? I think he might.

Sure enough, he caught a fish stick....well, maybe it was just a stick. Isn't that where fish sticks come from? Sticks?

A trip to the country isn't complete without a beautiful sunset. This was a beauty.

Enjoy your long weekend! Isn't it nice to be home from Iowa? :-) I think so too.

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