Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Faces of Pella

There were so many people in Pella that it was hard not to people watch. So many faces. The faces seemed to stand out, maybe it was because of the fancy hats. This is the Tulip Queen, isn't she pretty?

She got to pick out her two flower girls, they were sure cute. What a thrill for them to be able to hang around with the queen!

It wasn't just the local faces that I noticed....look at these red hat ladies.....don't they look like they are out for a good time?

There were friendly faces...

...and happy faces...

...and serious faces....

...and gracious faces....

...and musical faces...

...and smiling family faces.

A lot of faces were nearly hidden in the fancy hats.

There were decorations on some of the hats, most of them signified something or another.

Some had flowers, some had jewelry, some had ties that went around the girls chin. The ties signified that the girls were married. Strapped down to a husband and kids...oh, I'm just kidding...but the ties did indicate married.

My favorite faces were the children's faces. How precious are these two sitting in a wooden shoe?

And these two in an antique baby carriage. My Dutch grandma always called Brian her little dolly....I think the name fits for this sweetie too. Hello little Dolly.

This little face is saying "Hurry up mom, the parade is about to start!" I wonder what it's like to ride bicycle in wooden shoes?

Oh, and this little you think he's as innocent as he looks? Me neither....I see little imp...but in a good way.

Sibling sweet.

And this little girl, with her fancy costume and a smiley face on her cheek. Love it. From the faces of the children..... the faces of the energetic dancers.... the faces of the wonderful elderly tour guides....

....there was a lot to see in Pella. But this face, the one with the continuous smile on it.....

....was the best part of our trip to Pella.
Tomorrow's blog....the Street Scrubbers of Pella.

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