Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pack Rat

I'm a pack rat. I'll admit it. It's a gene that I inherited from both of my parents. The boys have inherited it from both of their parents (me and E.) I do know that life would be easier if we all got rid of all that extra stuff. Moving a few years ago helped, but as it always does, our stuff is filling up every nook and cranny again. I need a pack rat intervention. Do they have those?

Our bedroom closet isn't quite big enough for both of our things. See the paragraph above.
Which means that I store my seasonal clothes in the basement....which is a good thing....because that means that every Spring and Fall I have to empty out my side of the closet and start over. Ahh....two nice and bare shelves. Maybe I won't put anything back. Um, no, then Eric would take them over and I'd never see them again.

This is a tall, thin cupboard thing that I built for my sweaters or's empty of the warm, bulky sweaters, waiting for summer clothes. In the mean time there is a pile of clothes on my bed that you can't see over. But that's a good thing...that means that the project has to be done before bed time.

And it is. Whew. And the I never would wear it again stuff is ready for the good will. And the even if it did fit stuff I wouldn't wear is ready for the good will. And the what was I thinking stuff is ready to go too. Probably half of the rest should go too....but I couldn't.

The top of my shelf has T-shirts, the bottom my summer sweaters. Yep, in Minnesota sometimes you have to wear sweaters in the summer. By fall, it will be a heaped up mess again, but for now I'm feeling organized and ready for the warm days ahead. And yes, my T-shirts are stacked up by that a problem?

These are only a part of my T-shirts...I think I could wear a new one ever day for the whole summer....pack rat....told ya. But if I did that, maybe I wouldn't have to do laundry until Fall. Hmmm....I'll have to think about that one!

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