Sunday, May 24, 2009

A return to Soccer

Soccer season has returned. Brian and Billy both played soccer when they were really young, pre-kindergarten. Billy continued on to play some travel soccer and probably would have kept playing but we made him chose between travel soccer and travel baseball. I didn't think Brian would play again, but last fall he decided to give it another try.

He's taken some ribbing about only wanting to play because the league is co-ed. He takes it pretty well. We're really happy that he's decided to play again....just because it's fun!

The league is pretty laid back, which is nice. There are a few extra players, so the coach keeps track of the subs and who is playing where.

It's good to see Brian out there running, chasing down the ball, playing as a team, getting some exercise, and most of all smiling about it!

Go Brian! Actually, I'm not much of a yeller...but inside my head I'm yellin' GO BRIAN! :-)

There's a lot of running, there is some resting time. I sometimes have trouble seeing how grown up my little boy is!

Billy hiked over to watch the game. He brought his brother a big jug of Gator Aid...I thought that was pretty sweet. He's telling our friend Bob some big stories can only guess.

Oh yeah, there's a game going on. The boys have been lucky to have such a good friend in Bob coming to watch them play.

GO BRIAN!! The first few years of soccer are co-ed, then they separate the boys and girls during the middle years. In 9th grade it goes back to co-ed. It seems like a great idea.

Everyone plays pretty well together, the focus really does seem to be on the fun. GO BRIAN!

This is my big handsome boy. When did that happen?

Just a couple years ago he was my little handsome boy.

Now he's taller than his dad. Eric was just telling him what a great run he had out there. Big or little, young or old, I think kids always benefit from their parents support. Don't you?

Hey Brian...great game so far. Are you having fun out there? So really, why did you decide to play soccer again?

Was it because of the girls??

All I get is the raised eyebrow. I want answers! Maybe I should ask one of these guys, they might know....

...hmmm....I don't think that they will tell me either. Boys. They never really change do they.

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