Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nerf Wars

Once upon a time there were two sweet innocent boys. Their momma wanted to raise them right...into sweet wholesome strong compassionate men. There would be no fighting, no shenanigans, and especially no guns allowed in our home. Hah hah, hee hee, yeah, whatever...I sort of forgot the part about them being boys.

Fast forward to last weekend. The boys, who are almost young men now, had some money burning a hole in their pockets. The only cure was to spend it quick...and what was it that they just had to have? Nerf guns. Sigh. That light around Billy's head is not really a halo....that glint in their eyes gives it away.
It's Nerf wars time. Oh dear.

They got a double barrel shotgun variety. Oh, and that's not a halo over Brian's head either...neither. Hmm.

They load in the Nerf ammo....

...ready, aim, fire.

They got some sort of multi shot pistol thing....

....oh, and this machine gun variety. Oh my.

The spent some time practicing their aim on the window of the van....what?!? Who's supervising these kids anyway?

And then they got out their giant gun. What is that thing? Isn't that sweet, they are showing their grandma their new Nerf gun. looks like they've handed it to her..... and...and...she's taking aim!

Yeah grandma, just like that. Oh no, what have my boys done? They haven't corrupted their dear sweet grandma have they?

Oh afraid.....very afraid. Hey.....don't aim that thing at me!

Hmmm....I think I might know where that shooting gene came from. Annie Oakley wouldn't have stood a chance.

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