Friday, May 22, 2009

The Tulips of Pella

The stars of the Tulip Festival truly were the tulips. There were thousands blooming through out the city. There were giant beds of all colors in the parks.

There were glorious varieties planted on the boulevards.

Tulips are bulbs that are planted in the fall. Sometimes you just can't control the outcome. Quite a few of the beds in the Historic village were a little sparse. I wonder if they had the same tough winter that we did. Instead of fretting too much over it, they showed that they have a sense of humor there in Iowa. This sign was in one of the beds.

This one marked another. Where did they go?

The ones that did survive were spectacular.

I don't want to bore you with tons of flower pictures, but wanted to show a few highlights. Isn't this one yummy?

If you do want to see a few more, sit back, click on play and enjoy a little slideshow of the Tulips of Pella. They really were amazing.

I hope that you enjoyed taking this little trip to Pella with me.

I tried to show how fun a little weekend trip can be...especially to Pella. Next year is their 75th anniversary of Tulip Festivals...I have a feeling it will be their best one yet.

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