Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back to Pictures Today

I've gotten a little bit behind in my blogging and with my photo of the day. I've taken the pictures, just haven't posted them. So, instead of a post about Pella today, I'm going to catch up with my pictures of the day.... Pella will have to wait until tomorrow.

This is my crab apple tree on May 6th. See how far behind I am?

May 7th....this is the tallest working windmill in the United States. It's in Pella, Iowa. This was taken after the evening parade. I love the night sky and how the moon is peeking out of the clouds.

Orange tulips in a park in Pella, Iowa on May 8th. Hundreds of thousands of tulips were blooming for the Tulip Festival.

May 9th...another variety of Tulip.

May 10th, Mother's Day. My Mom and I left Iowa in the morning and headed back home.

May 11...the same crab apple tree as May 6th. The colors had faded a lot while I was gone.
May 12th....almost a lilac. The lilacs were in full bloom in Pella, we're a couple of weeks behind.
May 13...Billy batting at his baseball game tonight. It was cold and windy...and they lost. But it was still fun.

So there ya are, my week in pictures. I've finally gotten my older photos onto a new external hard drive, they are backed up twice and erased from my computer. Now I have room to add more! :-) Look for a Pella post tomorrow.

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