Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Birthday Today

I thought that we should take a little time away from Pella to celebrate a birthday today. This cute little guy in the wagon is having a birthday. Can you guess who it is?

He grew up in a more innocent time. Don't you love the Land O' Lakes Butter hat?

He grew up in a time without all these electronic things, when a boys biggest worries were how many fish he could catch in a day. Looks like he did pretty well.

The handsome scholar. Do you know who it is yet? He has a grandson named after him.

Little baby Billy was baptised on his grandpa Bill's birthday. It was a very special day 14 years ago.

He might be a Dad and grandpa now, but I think that there is still a lot of that fishing loving boy in his heart....

I know that he's got a big spot in all of our hearts! He is the best Dad, Father-in-law, and grandpa that a family could wish for.

Happy Birthday Bill! We love you!

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