Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Cabin

During the summer months when we visit the country we usually stay at Eric's parents cabin. It's sort of a long story to explain how it all came about, so I won't....but the short version is his folks live in town, the cabin is about 5 miles out of town, and the farm where I grew up is in between. It's pretty wonderful for us!

Memorial weekend is typically the first full weekend that we stay there. With summer baseball and soccer and everything else, we won't be getting up there as often as we like....but Memorial Weekend is usually sports free, and it's a nice reprieve from the busy schedules to spend some time at the cabin. The picnics are fantastic. My mom and Eric's mom get together and plan the most wonderful meals. How lucky are we that our families are good friends? I have to say that we all really missed my dad at the picnic table this weekend. He'd always come from the field to join us for meals. It wasn't the same without him.

One nice thing about Memorial weekend is that the bugs usually haven't made and appearance yet. The mosquitoes get pretty thick in the woods next to the river. But it sure is pretty there...and always a little cooler on a hot summer day.
On the path to the river there was a special crooked tree. This is what is left of it. The bent tree was one of the things that drew Eric's grandma Amy to the property back in the 40's when the cabin was built. It was said to be a good luck symbol for the Indians that had lived in the area at one time. Last summer the bent tree finally couldn't support itself and it just the bent stump is left. It still calls you down the path to go to the river.
Come and sit for a while. Rest, listen to the birds, watch the river run.

There aren't very many boats on the river. It's a nationally protected waterway, so it's protected from the big loud boats, and the jet skis. It's peaceful....

...and beautiful.

Everything is a little better at the cabin. The sky seems bluer....

....the flowers seem whiter.

There are wild geraniums blooming right now....soft and pretty.

Somehow even the dandelions look better at the cabin.

My friend and sister-in-law Dawn made a stepping stone for the cabin that says, "If you are lucky enough to be at the cabin, you are lucky enough." I think that says it all.

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