Friday, May 8, 2009

More Spring Flowers

I love flowers, especially in the Spring. Can you tell? I took these pictures at my Mom's place last weekend. I love the colors. I love how delicate they are. I love the hope that Spring flowers bring.

These are Scilla. They are little bulbs that spread all over the yard if you're lucky. They aren't much taller than the grass.

And the Virginia Bluebells. I love the color.

And the violets. There are dark purple, light purple, pinkish purple and even white and purple violets. Aren't you glad I skipped the rest?

Scilla in the grass. I should have shown this one by the first one, but I goofed. Oops.

A yellow bellied sap sucker came by for a visit. I think he was probably looking at the flowers. :-) Isn't he cool?

And a daffodil. Sunny and yellow. Don't you love Spring?

Flowers can always make me smile, I hope you do too. Have a great Friday.

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