Monday, May 4, 2009

A dog named Elvis and a Welcome!

I'm going to start out with the welcome....I noticed that I have a new follower...I should say followers to my blog and I want to welcome them! Welcome to the Pony Club Horse Show Co! I'm honored that you've chosen my blog to follow. Daysia, Shelby and Rachel have a brand new blog, click on it over in the followers box and check them out. They are horse loving girls after my own heart...and I'm impressed by their ambition. Ride On Girls! :-)

Now on to Elvis. Elvis is my niece Danielle's dog, he's a Boston Terrier...and is one bundle of love, energy and muscle! He came to visit at the farm on Saturday when we were there.

Elvis had a stuffed turtle to play with....and those big dogs had better watch out because it was Elvis' turtle and he wasn't sharing. Zoom. He has blinding speed.

Czar came over to see what all the commotion was about....he wasn't too sure about Elvis.

Eric would toss the turtle to Elvis and he would leap high into the air to catch it.

I've never seen a dog that can leap like that!

The calves weren't too sure about Elvis either.

Penny tried to jump and get the turtle a couple of times, it didn't end well....boof....oh my head.

Elvis would grab the turtle, come racing back and then stuff it through the porch rails to be tossed again.

Come on, toss it will ya? Huh? What are you waiting for??

Czar really didn't' know what to think of all the shenanigans.

Toss it again will ya?

And on it went. He could have gone on for hours. Toss, leap, race back and repeat....whew.

Czar decided that Boston Terriers were too terrorizing for him.

He was out of there!

Snort, neih, neih, neih, neigh....snort....what was that thing?

It might take Czar some time to recover from all the excitement. Me too. :-) Hope you have a great day!

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