Sunday, May 3, 2009

A few Wildflowers

Eric and I took a quick trip to the country yesterday. Just the two of us. We had a little chance to get into the woods with my mom. We took a nice long walk, Eric trimmed some branches on the horse trail, my mom picked wildflowers....and I took pictures of them before she got to them! I'm not sure what this pretty little pink bud is, but I thought it was sweet.

This is an Anemone, not sure if it's a wood anemone or a rue anemone....but I think it has a funny name for being such a cute little flower.

A few blood root were blooming. What's the plural of blood root, blood roots? I have no idea. I do know that they are called the blood root because when you pick them they leave bright orangish red stains on your hands. So I don't pick them.

And then there were the hepatica. They weren't quite as bright this year, probably past their peak, but still fun to see in the woods.
Some were opened and bright.
Some were closed and small.

Some were tiny and really compact.

Some were big and airy. They all have a beauty of their own.

Last week Eric's mom Barb shared a poem about hepaticas with me. It was written by Eric's great aunt Dixon Falk. It seems like a perfect day to share it with you. The title is "To the Hepatica."

To the Hepatica
by Dixon Falk
Cool violet petals
wet with morning mist,
I find you dwell in quiet places;
Beneath a pine,
in damp dead leaves,
beside a country road,
I find you.

So tenderly
You bloom in magic solitude,
With neither gardener's touch
To aid your growth,
Nor any soul
But God;
I think I felt His hand
The day I first saw you.
Wasn't that sweet? I hope that everyone can find a minute today to notice and enjoy at least one little thing that makes you smile. Like a hepatica. :-)

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