Thursday, July 9, 2009

30 more Seconds of Fame

Last April I did a post about a Twins game and having 30 Seconds of Fame. Well...I'm feeling sorta famous again. Maybe not 30 seconds worth this's probably more like 3 seconds, or maybe not at all...but I do think that this was pretty cool. I get this magazine. I'm not sure why it's delivered to our house, I hadn't subscribed, but I get it monthly. It's not my type of magazine, but I do like to page through it and look at the ads for inspiration and ideas.

Anyway, I was paging through it last night and a little something caught my eye... see anything familiar? See anything you might have seen a few times on my blog before?

It's Skylar and Czar!! My horses! Crazy! My mom had mentioned last spring that the dog was barking and barking, so she looked down the road and noticed a car parked on the side of the road with people milling about. Someone was fluffing the hair of and making a big fuss over a really tall woman in a yellow dress. She assumed that it was a photo shoot of some kind. She was tempted to go and see what was going on, but didn't want to disturb them. We had forgotten all about it....and then last night I was paging through this magazine getting ready to toss it in the trash when I saw my ponies! Whoa! (sorry, couldn't resist)
The dude in the picture doesn't look like he appreciates the lovely aroma of a pasture in the spring. City folks! :-) They had taken photos all around town to advertise different fashions. And cool horses.

The whole thing is strange. Strange that they picked that spot. Strange that my mom noticed them and mentioned it to me, strange that of all the magazines it could be it was one that I strangely receive for no apparent reason....and very strange that in just quickly paging through it I instantly saw them. But you know what, I really like it when strange things like that happen, because it's a wonderful reminder that there really are no coincidences, it's all a part of a plan.

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