Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cutie Pies

I've spent a big part of the day sorting through baseball pictures. There are a few projects that I'm working on for the end of the season party. It's making me think that I never want to see another baseball picture again. Ever. So to take a break, I decided to go to Eric's softball games tonight. He had a double header. Trouble was I hadn't taken my picture of the day I took a picture of Eric playing softball. Of course. The end. Not really. Sort of.

It was cold and windy at the games.'s the middle of July and tomorrows highs are only going to get into the mid 60's.'s been a strange year for weather. The good news is that my little buddy Jake was there. He's such a smiley little guy. Eric and I both play softball with both of his parents. Hi Jake!

Then little Curtis showed up. Eric plays softball with his dad, I play with his mom. Seeing these little guys that belong to our team mates is sort of a startling reminder of how the heck old we are! But it's also a nice reminder of what the boys were like when they were little.

I sure wish I had my digital camera back in those days! I'm not sure they even had digital cameras in those days. Old I tell ya.
Well, I'm off to find my parka so I won't freeze at Billy's baseball games this weekend. Gotta love Minnesota weather.

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