Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Reunion of Dogs

There was a little reunion at the farm about a week and a half ago. A dog reunion. See this passel of pups? They were born in the summer of 2002. Brian and Billy sure loved being covered in puppies...Billy is the one getting a little kiss. Slurp.

The pups belonged to my folks. Kelly, the dog on the left, was the mom. Rusty, sitting next to her is the dad. Penny is our dog, she isn't related by blood, but don't tell her that! And Murphy, the driver, is one of the pups.

Another one of the pups, Jones, was adopted by Eric's sister Dawn and her husband Jeremy. Dawn and Jeremy were at the cabin for the weekend and of course they brought Jones with them! A perfect time for a dog reunion. Here are Jones and Murphy all grown up...are you my brother?? Are you my brother???

They did what dogs do, they sniffed, they ran, they darted, they sniffed....

...they ran, they explored, they sniffed. Sorry about all the sniffing shots, they were so fast that I couldn't get pictures unless they slowed down enough to sniff. Sniff, sniff, who's territory is this?

We are dogs, we are happy, we are happy dogs. It's hard to know if there is someway that they can tell that they are related. You can see that the dogs are related, but they are built very differently. Jones is slender like her mom was, Murphy is a big headed brute like his dad. It sure was cute to see them together!

Eventually it was time for the reunion to come to an end. Jones had to "load 'em up", Murphy jumped up to say goodbye. Sorry about the quality of the picture, the light meter was focused on Jones...but in spite of that I thought it was so cute of Murphy and little Logan saying goodbye.

Whether they recognized each other or not, a good time was had by all....but a little something tells me that Murphy breathed a sigh of relief when the pickup with Jones inside pulled out of the driveway....

...because even if he is his brother, having to share that attention can be pretty tough on a dog. Scratch me just a little more to the left will ya? Ahhhhh......wag.

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