Sunday, July 26, 2009

Catching Up

I've gotten so far behind this week. The baseball pictures and all that there is to do to get things ready for the end of the season party gets to be a little overwhelming. But now, it's done, and I'm going to catch up with a few things.

I've continued to take my photo of the day, but I haven't taken the time to upload them onto flickr or to share them with you. So here they are, the last week or so in pictures. Up above is Billy at his last baseball tournament of the year. Below is after the last game. I think that it was sinking in that the season is over.

We spent a nice day and a half with Eric's brother and wife, Chris and Shelly. They brought their daughter Hannah and one of Hannah's friends to visit from Oregon. Billy and Hannah were playing in the river.

This was taken in the evening when I realized that I had forgotten to take my picture of the day. It's the stuff I have on top of my kitchen cupboards. I keep the twinkly lights up there year round.

Dark skies in the poured then cleared off in time to play the last women's regular season softball game. We have a few weeks off before the fall season starts. It's nice to have a break.

Patunia's petunias on the patio table. Maybe now that some of the ball is done we can sit out there and enjoy an evening or two.

One of two workers in my garden....the other one is concrete too.

One of the pictures from that wonderful sunset from a few nights ago.

Another wonderful sunset. Another moment when I realized very late in the day that I hadn't taken my photo of the day. After looking at baseball picture after baseball picture, taking any more pictures of anything was almost painful. Now that it's done, taking pictures should be fun again.

I loved the light this evening. I couldn't pick which photo I liked better, so you get two for one. There was something about the fading light on the fading flowers that spoke to me. Maybe because tonight I feeling like I'm fading too.

And last but not least, Molly with sunlit petunias behind her. Again, I loved the light. Morning light and evening light....

....get up early or stay up's a wonderful time to take pictures.

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