Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Part One Done

When I'm feeling overwhelmed with the tasks at hand I try to break them up into parts. I've still got a lot of baseball photo stuff to do, but the scrapbook pages part is done! I delivered them today. Having one part done helps me to breath a little easier. Whew.

I was in charge of the cover, it's the same as last years except with the picture, age and year changed. I did a back cover too, with a picture of the backs of the boys. I was all set to print last night when I realized that Eric and I had miscommunicated about which of our printers needed ink...and I was out of black ink for my good printer! Oh no! Ummm...I think I sort of need black for this one.

Eric went to work for a while this morning, then headed to Office Depot at 8:00 a.m. to pick up ink for me. What a guy! He's got my back, how lucky am I?

I was responsible for doing 3 pages of action shots. Sort of needed black ink for these too.

Other years I have put a lot of small pictures on one page, this year I really tried to remember that less is more. I sort of like how they turned out, but with most things like this I am never 100 % happy with the final product.

The good news is that there was a that means I had to be in "get 'er done" mode....and that's just what I did, I got 'er done. Good enough for the price...wait...I'm doing it for nuthin'....never mind.

Then there is Billy's page. It's hard to come up with something new each year...and it's hard to figure out which photos to use. I had about 20 or so picked out in addition to these that I really wanted to use...but then there is that less is more thing again.

Since Eric was an assistant coach, he got a page too. His main job was to keep the book and the stats....stuff he loves to do. I had taken a picture of his hand holding the book at the edge of a dugout...that's the background shot. The background is dirt. Yep, dirt. :-)

Just for fun I made what were to look like baseball cards for the boys and put them on a couple of pages...sort of like a roster.

That was fun to do. I'm going to use the images in the DVD / Slideshow too...just have to put them in a landscape format....two birds, one stone.

So that's what I've been up to, and that's why I haven't been blogging everyday. Next on the list is some actual paid work, then onto the slide show. And then maybe I'll get a few things done around the house...maybe....
Hope you're having a fun summer too!

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