Monday, July 6, 2009

The 4th of July

It's a little late for me to be blogging about the 4th of July...but I'm going to do it anyway. What a wonderful day. Perfect weather, no bugs, surrounded by family enjoying the height of summer. Billy coerced us to go to the fireworks store and buy some fireworks. He had a lot of fun shooting off bottle rockets. The boy loves all things related to fire.

After spending part of the day walking the fence line and fixing what we could, we headed to a local historic home for an ice cream social. The house was built in 1855 by WHC Folsum. It was one of the first homes in our home town. It's a beautiful old home, I worked there as a tour guide when I was about 17. The ice cream social was held in the back yard. This is the back of the house with the pretty blue sky shining above.

Eric's mom and dad are a big part of the Historical Society and are quick to volunteer to help. They are two of the most generous people I know. For the ice cream social they were in charge of the hot dog meal....Bill, on the right, was grilling and Barb serving up the plates on the left.

My mom joined us, she donated a wonderful blueberry pie to add to the dessert table. She and my dad have been attending the ice cream social since they started it about 4 years ago. We feel his loss at every event...there should be one more chair filled.

The boys weren't too eager to go, but they had fun with the old fashioned games....especially the stilts. Well that, and talking to the young girl that was helping with the event.

This little cutie is my cousins boy Ethan, he was so cute playing peek-a-boo! I remember when his daddy was a little to see how much Ethan looks like him! Peek!!

After the hot dogs and the pie and the raffle drawing one of the local men shot off his canon. Actually Brian was the one to pull the string that was attached to the hammer to make the canon fire. Boy it was loud! The man that has the canon had been our High School Superintendent back in my school days.

Boom! I jumped when the canon fired, so I didn't get a good shot of the actual blast....but I like this one of the smoke and the aftermath of the blast.

Last year the canon owner stopped by the cabin with his canon to show everyone how it all worked. That time I did get a good shot of it.....ready......aim.....

..... FIRE!!!! I made a copy of it for the owner. He was quite surprised to see the flames shooting out the hole on the top. It blasts so fast you don't really notice it. The picture looks fake...but I promise, no photo shopping was involved. :-)

The ice cream social was a lot of fun. Here's my view across the table. The man doesn't age.

Here's Eric's view from across the table. I've aged enough for the both of us.

We went to a fireworks display in the little town of Amery Wisconsin. They put on a spectacular show! Boom, bang...ooohhh, aaaaahhhh......

My fireworks photos aren't much to look at, but it was fun to try to take some.

The funny thing is, it's the ones that didn't turn out that I like the best. This one looks like a bunch of "d's". Cool.

And this one......hummm....I think I should have brought my tripod....what do you think? Wild.

The show was a perfect length, followed by a wonderful grand finale. And the most amazing part was that there wasn't a mosquito to be found. One benefit of the near drought.

We had a wonderful time getting away for a few days. I hope that you had an enjoyable 4th of July too. Now, onto the laundry. I'm not sure which smelled worse, that or the wet dog. :-)

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