Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grocery Flowers

Today was grocery shopping day. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on here or not.....but I really, really do not enjoy grocery shopping. At all. The older I get, the less I like it. It's stressful. It's crowded. It's not pleasant. So to make things a little brighter I almost always stop at the flower cart in the store and pick out something cheerful.

That way, when I'm in the produce area and see a whole family munching on grapes without paying for them I can stop and smell the flowers instead of saying "hey...that's stealing!"

And when the woman on her cell phone is wandering about oblivious to her surroundings and to her unruly children, I can stop and smell the flowers instead of telling her to "hang up and pay attention or at least get out of my way!"

And when I see perishable food left sitting on shelves that aren't refrigerated so they have to be thrown out just because someone changes their mind and is too lazy to put it back, raising prices for everyone, I just stop and smell the flowers and try not to get too steamed.

But I'll admit, when the lady with the giant cart that had the plastic kiddie car attached and the children that weren't even riding in it, came barrelling down the aisle and clipped me in the ankles without even blinking or apologizing...stopping to smell the flowers couldn't do the trick.

Oh well, at least the look that I shot her didn't wilt my pretty flowers. Good thing too....because I needed them again a few times before I had my groceries bagged and got the heck out of there. Maybe I'll buy two bouquets next time. It can't hurt.

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