Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sunrise and Daisies

The sunset this morning was so beautiful. I happened to notice it out of my bedroom window...so I got myself out of bed, grabbed the camera and headed out to the back yard to see if I could get a picture of it. That's when I realized that not much of the Eastern sky is visible from my backyard. That's when I also realized I was outside in my night gown...and I wasn't in the country any more. Whoops. But not much is happening at 5:30 a.m. or whatever time it was in the suburbs....so it's ok. I did catch some of it from between the trees.

I decided that I'd rather watch the sunrise from the comfort of my bed. Here is the view out my window, over my nightstand and through the lamp. I know it's blurry. I almost didn't post it, but then I figured that it was probably the most true to what I was seeing without my glasses on and sleep in my eyes. Blurry, fuzzy....until I'm a little more awake and the coffee is abrewing.

Here's a closer view of my lamp...I love the little beads hanging on the lampshade. I have beads on curtains, beads on lampshades, beads on some shoes....someday I'll have a post about beads. Maybe not. Probably not.

But aren't they cool?

I have a little sculpted horse on my nightstand too. It came from Coldwater Creek. One of my favorite stores. It is attached to a small dish that I put my earrings in when I'm too lazy to put them away. I thought it made a pretty cool silhouette.

I'll end my post with daisies....not for the sake of daisies, but because a little something came in the mail today and I'm celebrating.

I got my camera back today! Hurray! The folks at Canon fixed it and cleaned it and sent it back to me in 18 short days....that's UPS shipping time there, fixing time, time off for the 4th of July holiday, and shipping it back time. I think that's awesome. Everything was under warranty, so our only cost was shipping it to them for $17.01. :-) Their description said that an internal electrical component was maladjusted or something like that, so they fixed that. And cleaned it. Sort of vague...I think it was the sensor...but I don't care, it's back and appears to be working. The daisies on the top were from the old camera, the ones on the bottom from the new and repaired camera.

Not a huge difference, but enough that it matters to me. And the newer camera just feels better to me, I'm more used to where the controls are and how to adjust things, the shutter sounds better somehow, it's lighter. Hard to explain the differences, but I'm so happy that my camera is back. Welcome home baby!

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