Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Quick Sunset

I'm still working on baseball stuff, but wanted to take a little break and share a quick sunset. Eric and Billy were off running an errand when my phone rang. It was Eric...he asked me if I had noticed the sunset. My nose was to my computer, so I hadn't.

A little peak out the window and I knew that I had to get outside to see it....pronto! I grabbed the camera and went out the door. Unfortunately there's not really a good place to see the sunset from my yard, so I headed down the road. I was hoping I didn't run into anyone since I was barefoot and not wearing make-up. It was a wonderfully warm evening.

I was half way to the frontage road when Eric and Billy pulled up. Eric gave me a ride the rest of the way and I headed up the bike path to the over pass of the freeway. Not the most beautiful place on earth...but I could see the sunset....and it was grand!

This is looking across the highway to one of the fields where Billy played baseball this summer. Here I thought I was getting away from baseball stuff when I ran smack dab into it again.

Anyway, the sunset was beautiful and I'm so glad that I got to have a glimpse of it. Thanks Eric for letting me know! I wish I had thought to grab a tripod. Next time. Or not. It was a fleeting moment....

...there wasn't time to plan....I am so happy that I didn't miss it.

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