Monday, July 27, 2009

The Driver

The dog is looking out the window nervously. Eric is sitting in the passenger seat looking a little concerned.

Brian, how are you feeling? Are you nervous? He's giving me the thumbs up, but I think that he might be feeling just a tad nervous. You see, it was driver's license testing day.

He's had his permit for quite a while. He didn't push it to get his license. We didn't push him to get his license. But then he decided he was ready. So he went and did it. Now there is a relaxed happy face!
I thought about photoshopping the bugs off of the side mirror...but now I have a teenage driver that can be washing my car if he wants to drive it. There's always a bright spot. Trouble is I probably will never see my jeep again to know if there are bugs on it or not. Oye.

Hey Brian...getting your license didn't have anything to do with girls did it?

Oh mom! He's a teenage boy, most things in life have something to do with girls. I might as well get used to it.

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