Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Twins Game...and 30 seconds of Fame

Last night we made a sort of last minute decision to venture into the big city and watch a Twins game. It was a beautiful Spring evening...maybe the idea for the Twins to have an outdoor stadium next year will work after all....last week I wasn't so convinced.

We bought our tickets on the street from an "unauthorized" vendor.... otherwise known as a scalper....but I think that's legal in Minnesota now so I don't know what they are called. He said that our seats were on the home run porch in left field....row 3. Then he said that the first two rows were roped off, so they were essentially front row seats. Cool! We were hoping that it wasn't the first 3 rows that were roped off. We arrived at our seats to find that they were indeed front row. This was our view.

Billy brought his friend Sam, they were pretty pumped up about the seats too.

The first shot makes it look like everyone was far away, but look how close Delmon Young is. He made a couple good catches right in front of us in left field. I took a couple of really bad pictures of his catches. was the lighting.

Here is is right before one of the catches. Boy, it sure is hard to follow the ball against the domed ceiling....I've always heard that, but got to see it first hand last night.

I was minding my own business, watching the game when I spotted this over at the pitchers bench. A really special baby blue and pink back pack...with wheels. Not quite fitting in with the jock image. I'm not sure which pitcher it belonged to, but I hope that there is a story behind it.
Billy thought that this security guard might have been Jeff Foxworthy. :-)

Half way into the game this reporter guy in a suit came up to us and started chatting with us. It was Robby Incmikoski from FSN. He started asking us about our "Circle Me Bert" signs. He handed Eric a form to fill out and then told us that we had won $100 in Minnesota State Lottery tickets for our signs....and then said we were going to be on TV. Wow!! We had 4 me, square me, triangle me and scribble on me Bert signs. I had made them about 3 seasons ago, and we bring them to every game hoping to get circled. He wanted me to hold them up one at a time and he would have Bert circle, square etc. us. Cool!

So the camera rolls and I start going through the signs. Robby said that Bert would only circle us, and wouldn't do any of the others shapes....then he shoves the mike in my face and asks me what I think of that! Being as eloquent as I always am (not) under pressure I said, "that's pretty lame Bert." Robby seemed to get a kick out of that and repeated it to Bert. Bert congratulated us anyway and hopefully we'll still get the lottery tickets in the mail as spite of my ungracious statement. Billy took this picture of Robby.

Then Billy took a picture of us with two of the signs. He told me afterwards that mine was upside down. I'm glad that I didn't do that on TV!

This one is better.

Our 30 seconds of fame. It was fun to get texts and emails from people that saw us. To top it off, the game was really good. Tied 2-2 after nine.

Oh dear, here's that back pack again. What do you think the story is??

So, it's the bottom of the 11th when Joe Crede hits a double to score Justin Morneau from first...the Twins win. Hurray!

It was only the 9th game of the season but they celebrated like they had won the pennant.

It was fun to see how happy they were.

Maybe it was because they just broke a 3 game losing streak.

Whatever it was, I think that these boys show some promise this year.

TC bear liked the chance to celebrate too.

Summer must be here, it's baseball season. It starts for these two this week with travel tryouts.

Which means a lot of games for us too....and you know what, the young boys games are always more exciting than this one....TV or not.....and we get to be there.

Play Ball!

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