Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Funky Day

I'm trying to keep things positive on my blog, but today was just sort of a funky day and I don't have anything nice to say so I'm not going to say nuthin' at all. Well not really, but sort of.

Why the funk? Sort of an accumulation of things...but the topper for the day was the all day noise! The neighbors had tree cutters in all day, they sawed trees and then they chipped trees with a really noisy, bad exhausty chipper that filled my house with noise and fumes and put me in a funky mood. Sometimes living in the suburbs gets to this country girl.

Here's a funny little flower. The screens aren't the greatest in our house, this one in the master bath has a little hole in it next to the spring loaded lock thing that holds it in place. One of my silly petunias found the hole and has decided to come in to visit. Probably to get away from the noise next door.

Too bad all that noise followed the poor little flower inside. Here's hoping for a quiet tomorrow in the burbs.

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