Monday, July 20, 2009

Missing in Action

I'm not really missing...just a little busy for the last few days. Billy had his last baseball game on Saturday, we went out of town directly from the game to visit with Eric's brother and family, we got home late on Sunday night...and today I have been playing Taxi driver, doing lots of laundry and have been scrambling to get a couple of projects not much time for blogging.

When Billy started playing travel baseball we learned about the tradition of putting together a scrapbook of the season and making copies for all the kids. Each mom does their own son as well as a few other pages. The first year I had a couple of pages to do, each year I've been assigned more and more. I need to figure out how to just say no! One of my assignments for this season was to do two pages for the Wooden Bat Tournament. I did get those done today.

I've done the cover of the book, the back of the book, the splines for the book, these two pages...and I have 6 to go. And they want them by tomorrow. Oh dear. There won't be much time for blogging tomorrow. And when the scrapbook is done I need to start on a DVD / Slide show for the end of year party....on if you don't hear from me this week it's because I have been buried in baseball pictures.

Come and dig me out.......please!

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